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Proctor Loan Protector and CITA Insurance Services have teamed up to offer access to their competitive Errors and Omissions Insurance to help protect your agency

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Errors and Omissions Insurance Benefits for Proctor Loan Protector Agents

Low Capped Deductible (2x Aggregate)

Reduces exposures to aggregate claims in an E&O policy period

Admitted in all 50 states

CITA’s Errors and Omissions Insurance is written on an admitted basis in all 50 states

Specified Provider Deductible Option

Lower deductible option for E&O Claims arising from business through an agency’s top carrier, including business placed through Proctor Loan Protector

Deductible Waiver

Eligible renewals that are claims free after 5 consecutive policy years with CITA may receive a deductible waiver on the first covered claim

Up to 80/20 Consent to Settle Option

Minimizes the risk of out of pocket expenses

Individual policy

Ensures that you don’t share your policy with anyone else!

Access to Insurance Agency E&O Risk Management Resources

Free resources to help you manage E&O risks

Defense Costs Outside the Limits of Liability

Defense Costs will not reduce your policy limits of liability

First Dollar Defense

Your deductible does not apply to defense costs

Streamline Renewals

Eligible renewals will have the opportunity to save time when renewing coverage

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This general product description is informational only and is not an offer or a quotation of coverage. Please refer to the policy for all terms, conditions and exclusions. All submissions are subject to underwriting approval. Coverage may not be available in all jurisdictions. The information obtained from A.M. Best Company is not in any way CITA Insurance’s warranty or guaranty of the financial stability of the insurer in question, and that the information is current only as of the date of the publication.