Errors and Omissions Insurance for Insurance Agents

CITA Insurance Services understands that Errors and Omissions Insurance for Insurance Agents coverage plays a key role in an insurance organization’s risk management strategy. In today’s litigious society, even the most thorough, dedicated insurance agent is susceptible to a claim arising from an error or omission. A simple lack of documentation or miscommunication could equate to great losses suffered by the agent, agency and/or insurance organization. As a result, insurance professionals require E&O coverage to stay protected and reduce loss.

Errors and Omissions Insurance for Insurance Agents Options We Offer:

CITA Insurance Services is a leading insurance broker and agency, in the commercial property and casualty business, specializing in customized insurance programs for Life & Health and Property & Casualty Insurance professionals. We provide insurance brokerage and program administration services to some of the largest insurance firms in the United States. As a premier provider of E&O programs for insurance agents and agencies, we have experience delivering customized insurance solutions to insurance agents, agencies, and organizations. In addition to E&O coverage, our programs can be further customized to include other applicable liability insurance coverages. Program construction, coverage and administration are driven by the insured’s specific business needs.

CITA Insurance Services has the expertise, resources and industry relationships to build an E&O insurance solution that meets the unique needs of each insurance organization. Our E&O programs offer broad coverage, competitive rating, and dedicated service to ensure seamless program management and enrollment.

CITA’s Errors and Omissions Insurance for P&C Agents is written on an admitted basis in all 50 states.

*This general product description is informational only and is not an offer or a quotation of coverage. Please refer to the policy for all terms, conditions and exclusions. All submissions are subject to underwriting. Coverage may not be available in all jurisdictions.